2016 results

Kindergarten- 1st place Alexandra Hager, 2nd place Caroline Heck, 3rd place Olivia Cogbutn-Gonzales

1st grade- 1st place Caitlyn Mormon, 2nd place Matthew Oglesby, 3rd place Ashton Scripps

2nd grade- 1st place Hank Halboth, 2nd place Colin Magnusen, 3rd place Olivia Fischer

3rd grade- 1st place Breeana Leslie, 2nd place Keller Fiore, 3rd place Mackenzie Rauch

4th grade- 1st place Elliot Dawson, 2nd place Logan Killough, 3rd place Julia Kammerer

5th grade- 1st place Sienna Litchfield & Sydney Burns, 2nd place Madeline Kraus, 3rd place Dane Bilgrave




The Oral Interpretation Festival is a long-standing tradition at Parmalee Elementary in which students have an opportunity to recite poetry or literature selections in front of an audience. The benefits of participating in this program include;

A) it encourages a lifetime appreciation of poetry

B) it is a wonderful opportunity to practice speaking in front of a group

C) it is FUN!!

Each student is encouraged to pick a piece of poetry, short story or a passage of a book or play-preferable something that interests them. Some students have even recited original works or with a partner! The suggested length for each grade level are as follows:

K     25 words
1     50 words
2     75 words
3     100 words
4     125 words
5     150 words

Please submit the poetry selection to your teacher or to the PTA folder in the main office by Monday October 23rd 2017. The selection should include the student’s name and teacher, the poetry in it’s entirety, the author and the number of words in the poem.

The selection must be memorized and will be recited and judged on  Tuesday November 14th 2017 in the Gymnasium. Grades K-2 will begin at 9:15am and Grades 3-5 will start at approximately 10am and be finished by 11:30am.  Light costumes or props are fine to use as long as they are not distracting from the piece. Students will be judged on Personal Connection, Voice, Creativity and Preparedness of Delivery. Ribbons will be awarded for first, second and third place. Parents are encourage to attend the Festival. You will be amazed at the students’ achievements.


Please contact Jeannine Rauch at with any questions.