Joining the PTA: 
It is our goal to have every parent join the PTA this year. This does not mean you have to attend meetings, though we would love to see you there… we really are awesome to hang out with! ;-)  Joining PTA means:

·         you will be able to connect with other parents at Parmalee

·         you will have a forum to suggest any changes or concerns you might have

·         you will have access to local and national PTA resources and programs for parent and students

·         your membership helps support our school


We have 3 methods of payment.

1. Fill out the paper form and return to the office with cash or check.  The form can be downloaded here. It will be available at Back to School Night, Boo Hoo breakfast and in Friday Folders. 

2. You can pay through the Parmalee Online School Directory program, MySchoolAnywhere.  Besides allowing credit card payments, the system will also allow you to select that you'd like to pay via check. You'll need to print out the provided form and return with your payment to the school office.  Please check Monday Messenger for the new member code if you do not already have a login. 


3. PayPal.  Please make sure you enter FirstName/LastName/Email for each membership purchased. We'd also appreciate that you include your student's name(s).

Choose # of Memberships

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