Our Annual Fun Run Sticker challenge is coming fast! It is September 27th at the Parmalee Field starting at 7:30 am. This is our second biggest fundraiser of the year, along with a school spirit event for the kids! The more your child raises the more stickers and spirit swag they earn! 


Want to help out prior to the event? Next meeting is September 25th at 6pm at Robin List's house - kids welcome! RSVP to Robin , we will be bundling swag.


PLEASE VISIT OUR FUN RUN PAGE for all the details

The PTA runs this Fun Run completely on our own to make sure all the money raised goes to the school and towards spirit swag. We REALLY need as much support and volunteers as possible! Please sign-up for a volunteer role using the sign-up genius below. 




PTA builds bridges between homes and schools, integrating the efforts of parents with those of principals and teachers. When you get involved in PTA, the child who benefits the most is your own. You also are taking a major step toward improving your child’s school, your community, and your state and national education and health policies. PTA promotes the education, health, and safety of children and families. 

Parmalee is a small school and we'd love all the help we can get to ensure our kids get the most out of their school experience! We are like a normal PTA... except WAY cooler! ;-)




The kids say it best!




 VOLUNTEERS: We need every parent to volunteer. I know, we are all so busy! It can be really hard to volunteer on top of a full time job and all the after school programs for the kids. The good news is that we have PLENTY of volunteer opportunities at all times and days! If you haven't signed a physical volunteer interest sheet at Back to School night or Boo-Hoo Breakfast please fill out the form on Membership Toolkit.  Dads- please consider volunteering for Watch Dogs (the kids will love seeing you there!)