Box Tops


Any student that turns in Box Tops in a labeled bag/envelope during the Spring Box Tops collection period will earn a teal Box Tops spirit stick.  Submissions without a name will not be awarded a spirit stick. However, all submissions turned into a teacher or classroom collection container will count toward the classroom challenge.


Winter Box Tops Class Standings

Mr. Fiore 732 Miss Farrell 128
Ms. Lane 337 Mrs. Gulliford 125
Ms. Holden 280 Ms. Lehman 98
Mrs. London 279 Mrs. Wahtl 96
Mrs. Matteucci 265 Mr. Dorsey 28
Mrs. Offerman 208 Mrs. Reed 10
Ms. Davis 184

Last year Parmalee raised $1100 through the Box Tops program.  Let’s get to $1200 this year!  With your help we can surely make this goal!!

2016-2017 Collection Periods:
Back to School Box Tops drive: August 18 – September 2
Fall Box Tops drive/class competition: September 6 – October 21
Winter Box Tops drive/class competition: October 24 – February 17
Spring Box Tops drive/class competition: February 20 – April 28

Program Information

Box Tops for Education

The Box Tops for Education (BTFE) program awards $.10 for every valid Box Tops we send in to them. For the 2016-2017 school year Box Tops have to be sent in by Box Top coordinator and post marked by Nov. 1 for the December check and March 1 for the April check.  We collect Box Tops year round but BTFE only issues checks twice a school year.
BTFE does not accept expired Box Tops. It also does not accept Box Tops for which the code in the upper left corner is not clearly readable.  Please send in your Box Tops before they expire.
BTFE also offers bonus opportunities.
1. Keep an eye out at your local King Soopers for the BTFE Bonus Box Tops catalina slip that prints out of a little machine.  Catalina slips are usually printed with some add or coupon.  The Bonus slip prints after you buy a certain number of Box Tops products.  (The required number is a mystery but I think it’s 10.)

2. Enter the Box Tops Sweepstakes on their website.  You must first have a BTFE account. You can sign up on their website using the link below.

3. If you shop at Safeway you can link your Safeway account to your BTFE account.  This will allow you to click, when available, the Box Top digital coupon that awards bonus Box Tops for purchasing a certain amount of participating products.  More than one shopper card can be linked to the same BTFE account.  So you can have friends and relatives attach their Safeway card, or other participating grocery store cards across the country, to your BTFE account.

Box Tops for Education program website
Box Tops for Education participating products
Box Tops for Education Bonus opportunities
How to link your Safeway Club card to your Box Top for Education account


Please don’t buy these products solely for the Box Tops. If you already buy them then we’d like to take advantage of the money the program offers.  Asking friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers to help collect can increase our numbers.  In fact, you may find that neighbors and co-workers whose kids are older are happy to find someone who can use their clipped Box Tops. Every $.10 counts! Thank you for your support of this fundraising program.


If you have any questions or are interested in helping out please send email to Dina Arnott –