Below are some of the questions we’ve received from parents and students.  If you have questions that are not answered here please let us know either at a morning session or via email.  Susan (suru76@hotmail.com) and/or Dina (dearnott@yahoo.com)

Q: I can’t make the day/time for the run session. Is there any way I can start early/later?
A: We love your enthusiasm to accumulate miles! But all miles for The 100 Mile Club® must be completed during the designated times. We can’t make accommodations on an individual basis. We are working hard to offer enough opportunities so students can reach their goals. Adults can join their (1-5 grade) students at recess on  Mondays when there is a volunteer (check calendar for scheduled Mondays).  You must first check in with the office when coming to run at recess.  Please check out the Parmalee 100 Mile Club calendar for official run dates.: http://www.parmaleepta.org/100-mile-club-calendar/

Q:  What should I do if the weather seems bad?
A: We will update the Parmalee 100 Mile Club web site by 7:45am if there is any change to the morning session due to weather.  If we are unable to run outside on a Wednesday before school, 100 Mile Club will be cancelled. The gym is not available on Wednesdays.  If we are unable to run outside on a Friday before school, we will meet in the gym.  Please be aware that with the limited space and so many students, we will not be running in the gym. We will do a variety of activities and each student will be awarded 1 mile for participating. If school is closed, 100 Mile Club is cancelled. Weather updates will be posted here: http://www.parmaleepta.org/100-mile-club-news

Q: I lost my stick, may I get a replacement?
A: No. Sticks cannot be replaced. We understand it’s upsetting to lose a stick. However, it is the responsibility of each individual to keep track of her/his own sticks so they make it to the classroom storage spot.

Q: I left my previous green/yellow/purple stick in my backpack/classroom/home so I don’t have it for this session, should I go get it?
A: Every morning or recess we will have enough sticks so you can begin fresh with a green stick. Don’t worry.  If your stick is in the classroom storage spot, then your laps will be counted.  You’re not “starting over” when you begin with green each morning.  When the laps are tracked on the classroom chart the various colored sticks will be added up.

Q: I’m a participating family member so don’t have a classroom.  How do I store my sticks and keep track of miles?
A: For anyone tracking miles but isn’t enrolled in school, there is a sheet left out on the bench where you can mark  your miles after the morning sessions.  If you’re name isn’t there, feel free to add it.  If you’ve registered and your name isn’t there please let us know.  For off-campus events we will write you the credit slip but hang on to it and add your miles to the sheet for you.

Q: How can I help?
A: We’d really like help like help on Mondays at lunch.  The shift is from 10:50-12:40 in order to cover all recesses.  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/10c0949a9aa2ea4fa7-running

Q: What does the $10 I paid go towards?
A: All $10 of the registration fee goes towards purchasing the incentive kit from the 100 Mile Club national program.  The incentives include the Challenge Accepted card, t-shirt at 25 miles, gold pencil at 50 miles, bracelet at 75 miles, gold medal at 100 miles and an end of year certificate of mile completed.

Q: Is it too late to sign up for the incentive kit?
A: No, it’s not too late to sign up.  The registration form can be downloaded.  Click here

Q: When will I receive my milestone reward?
A:  We hand out rewards at the Friday morning sessions.  If registered participants aren’t there they’ll receive the reward in their classroom.

Q: I attend ACC in the morning. May I run in the mornings?
A: Yes! We have it worked out with Ms. Deb that students attending ACC may be released to run if the required paper work has been filled out.  Please talk to Ms. Deb.

Q: I love to see Ms. Davis and Ms. Holden on the playground with us in the morning.  (Not actually a question)
A:  So do we!  We are so excited that they join us in the morning. They are awesome!!  We really love seeing family members out on the course as well!