Friday 2/16 1:30-4:00 | MT FALCON POOP CLEAN-UP.
Meet at top parking lot.

We need 7 more volunteers for dog poop clean-up at Mt. Falcon this Friday 1:30-4 (any 2 hours during that stretch). This is the perfect time to kill 3 things with one stone: 
* get in a workout so you can feel accomplished that night. 
* Help clean-up our beloved Mt. Falcon Park
* Help Parmalee Elementary earn Disney tickets to auction off to support the school.

******* To receive credit we need you to register at





AUCTION (April 27th) – IT’S COMING AND WE NEED HELP - GOAL $65,000 .

The auction is coming quickly and we have a LOT of work ahead of us! If you haven’t fulfilled your 3 hours yet now’s the perfect time. We are all very busy and volunteering for auction is not on the top of any of our lists. Unfortunately it takes a village to make Parmalee as great as it is. We are currently a small group of parents running the auction and we could use a lot more help! =) The Spring Auction and Carnival is more than our biggest fundraiser of the year, it is also our biggest community building event. There is no better feeling than seeing your kids playing with their friends near the end of the school year with everyone coming together to support a school that has given our children an award winning education.



IT SPECIALIST: We are moving to mobile bidding this year using HandBid. We are looking for someone to help run the IT side of things which include getting wifi to the gym for the night, testing the app on the wifi, and help come up with a plan to solve any connection issues. If interested please email


SOLICITOR: We are using an online program (Bidding Owl) to track donors and items donated. If you frequent different locations during the week, or are looking for a way to help but have strict hours at work this job is PERFECT for you! It would require just logging in and picking some of the donors off the list and assigning them to yourself, or asking companies that you visit. Once they are assigned you can call them, email them, or visit them with the solicitation letter. If you are willing to help out with this please email


ITEM PICKUP: Are you always running around driving kids from A to B to C and back to A? Why not log a few volunteer hours while you’re at it? We are looking for a team (6-7) parents to help pick up donations from various local stores and deliver them to the school. If interested in this job please email


DONORS: We are in need of items! If you have anything you can donate please email We are especially in need of:

  • *** Vacation rentals. *** The items that raise the most money for Parmalee are places to stay. This includes timeshares un-used, a weekend or week at a vacation rental, use of a vacation home, etc. If you have any of these available please email Patty at
  • Airline tickets
  • Hotel room stays
  • Ticket to Red Rocks or other concert venues
  • Gift Certificates for services such as orthodontistry, dentistry, groomers, vet services, hair care, spa treatments, chimney sweeping, photography, etc.
  • Gift Cards to stores
  • Art
  • Jewelry
  • WINE – we are still in need of over 70 Bottles of wine! If you are willing to donate a bottle or more to our wine pull please email Juliet at
    We will be selling the tickets for $25/bottle. 
  • PARTIES – We will be offering parties again this year. A party is a gathering or event that you can donate and tickets would be sold to at the auction. Some examples include:
    • Beer tasting
    • Pizza and movie party for kids (offering a date night for parents)
    • Escape room
    • Ninja warrior BBQ
    • Dads and Football in the park
    • Anything else fun you can think of =)

If you are interested in hosting a party to benefit the school please email Jen Grube at

  • Anything else you are willing to donate! =)



MANUAL LABOR: As the auction draws near we will need help with picking up and delivering tables to the school, setup, break down, and other tasks. If you are looking for a way to volunteer 3 hours and get some steps and strength workout in this is the job for you! We are looking for a team of 6-7 that we can call on for help the week of the auction (April 27th)


There will, of course, be volunteer opportunities the day of as well. We need items and the jobs need to get done in order for the auction to be successful. As a small group of working parents running this we could REALLY use some additional help and appreciate anything you can bring to the table! =)





We need 10-15 parents/grandparents/highly motivated neighbors to help us solicit items for the Spring Auction. This is perfect for any parent who still needs to do their required 3 hours of volunteering but have jobs preventing them from helping during school hours. This is a volunteer opportunity that allows you to volunteer from home, work or anywhere with cell service including the lobby of your child’s after school activity. This would be a team of parents, not just an individual, who split the load. If we can get just 10 parents to volunteer that would be ~15 calls each. If we get 15 – just ~10 calls and you’re done!

PTA volunteering is a big game of chicken.... who can outlast others as the positions fill up. Why play that silly game? There are benefits to just taking the plunge and joining this team right now:

  1. Good Karma. Why not start off the new year with a little good mojo on your side?
  2. Flexible hours. Volunteer for a job that can be done over the next 2 months, on your schedule, from anywhere
  3. Ideal for introverts. You can keep track of who has been called, who needs to be, and donations acquired through a website and do NOT need to have any face to face contact with us if you don’t want to. Calling around will also help you feel accomplished by stepping out of your shell ;-)
  4. Enjoyment! Okay, so calling around may not be your idea of fun. However, if you volunteer for this auction job you get to relax and enjoy the auction and festivities in April guilt free since you’ll have already done your part!

If you are willing to join this awesome go-getter A Team (you can work on a non-copyrighted name later) please email

A La Carte – If you would rather volunteer for a different auction job down the road BUT you frequent a few places each week that you wouldn’t mind asking for a donation from please email with the names of the businesses- It takes a village to run an auction and every request to a business is greatly appreciated– thank you!


King Soopers Card Chair

The king soopers card give 5 percent of what you spend to the pta. As the chair all you have to do is send out a flyer (probably should be updated) in the fall. When the forms come back they should have $20 with them. You then add up all the cards and call into king soopers and request the right number of cards for the school with $20 on each of them. It is usually takes a couple of days and you can pick them up wherever. You need to turn all the money into the pta, they write you a check for king soopers. Then you pick up the cards, bring them to school and deliver them. When we have earned enough money we will get a check from kings and you just turn that into the pta. 



It will really help the parents at PTA if you could take a moment and fill out the form below :-)


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PTA builds bridges between homes and schools, integrating the efforts of parents with those of principals and teachers. When you get involved in PTA, the child who benefits the most is your own. You also are taking a major step toward improving your child’s school, your community, and your state and national education and health policies. PTA promotes the education, health, and safety of children and families. 


Parmalee is a small school and we'd love all the help we can get to ensure our kids get the most out of their school experience! We are like a normal PTA... except WAY cooler! ;-)





The kids say it best!




  VOLUNTEERS: We need every parent to volunteer at least 3 hours a year. I know, we are all so busy! It can be really hard to volunteer on top of a full time job and all the after school programs for the kids. The good news is that we have PLENTY of volunteer opportunities at all times and days! If you haven't signed a physical volunteer interest sheet at Back to School night or Boo-Hoo Breakfast please fill out the form below.  Dads- please consider volunteering for Watch Dogs (the kids will love seeing you there!) and/or 'Man'-ual labor. PARMALEE PTA Volunteer Interest Form Committee Descriptions